Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maryland Wine

Maryland Wine: So well over 10 years ago.. I tried a few MD wines.. red wines... I think one was from Boordy Vineyards. I was not overly impressed. They were ok. Nothing great, and the wines in my opinion were overpriced.  MAN Times have changed! The quality is so much better now, and there seems to be an explosion in the number of vineyards popping up. Check out marylandwine.com.. we don't have anywhere near as many vineyards as Virginia (They reportedly have over 200).. but there are probably over 50 now.. and the quality of some of the wines in the region (MD/VA/PA) are really starting to shine.

The vineyard at Woodhall Wine Cellars
A short drive out to the vineyards is a nice escape, so make a day-trip of it and support your local MD vineyards and wineries. I have my MD Wine Passport now.. have 6 vineyards checked off and can't wait to visit more!